Hired Guns Restoration

*  Residential & Commercial Roofing Specialists.

*  Storm Damage Restoration.

*  Fencing & Exterior.

*  New Construction.

*  4.5 Start Rating On Google.

*  Serving All Of Houston And Surrounding Areas Including San Antonio and Eastern Dallas.

Hired Guns Restoration will increase your homes curb appeal.  Hired Guns Restoration have been in the industry for over 10.  They are an established brand here in the Houston area and that is one of the most important attributes we look at. Longevity.  No matter your home project, HGR can handle the job.  No matter the severity or non severity.  Need a roof fixed?  They can fix it.  Need a fence put up to provide your home the privacy it needs?  They can put one up for you. 

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Contact Phone Number: (281) 918-ROOF.  (281) 918-7663.

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Summit Solutions

*  Building Trust With Quality Work.

*  Real Estate Investments.
*  Painting.
*  Roofing.
*  Electrical Contractors.
*  Mechanical Contractors.

Summit Solutions has a team of professionals.  They are fully insured and licensed contractors providing construction and facility maintenance services regionally and nationally to commercial and residential properties.

It looks like to us they do a little bit of everything which is refreshing to see.  Please browse their website for more information on the services that they offer.

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Contact Phone Number: (281) 849-4757.

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Allied Contractors, LLC

*  Remodeling Services.

*  Painting.

*  Dry Wall/Sheetrock.

*  Flooring.

*  Windows.

*  Full Kitchen Remodels.

*  Full Bath Remodels.

We also have Allied on our website as one of our top roofing companies.  As you can see, they deliver on the home improvement side as well.  Please visit their website for a long list of projects they can perform and at a high quality level.  You need it done to your home?  They most likely can deliver, so call Allied today.

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Contact Phone Number: (713) 292-8465. 

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L & L Helping Hands

*  "One Call Does It All"

*  Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services.

*  Handyman/Contractor Services.

*  Laundry Services.

*  Home & Office Organization Services.

*  360 Wellness Living.

*  Repairing & Cleaning Of  Your Dryers.

*  Insured In The State Of Texas.

*  Email: llhelpinghands@yahoo.com

L&L Helping Hands looks like they do a little bit of everything.  That is why their "One Call Does It All" fits.  Their services range from residential & commercial cleaning services all the way to home contractor services. 

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Contact Phone Number:  (832) 371-3425.

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Bill Beal's Tree Services

*  Tree Removal Services.

*  Tree Trimming Services.

*  Tree Stump Removal.

*  Tree Stump Grinding.

*  Licensed, Bonded, & Insured.

Bill Beal’s Tree Services is one of the most experienced tree stump removal and emergency tree services. Their professionals have proper training in all aspects of arboriculture. Owing to their commitment to provide you the finest and safest service, theybring to you a range of tree removal support. They are an authentic tree removing service provider and give you optimum protection and adhere to all the regulations set in this regard. We promise your highest safety and quality standards with the greatest integrity.

Apart from their great professionals, they take pride to mention their high end machinery and equipment. The newest technology helps them deliver the work within the stipulated time and without causing inconvenience to the homeowner. These resources help them give you quality work.

Their work quality and customer support is their main focus as they serve you the homeowner.  They highly focus on the quality along with the best resource management. Their staff is given the best equipment and machinery to work with. They are prompt and ensure that all communication with the client remains smooth. You can bank on them anytime.

Since their inception in 1957 when Bill Beal founded the company, he aimed at making tree removal services easy and affordable for the homeowners. There are hundreds offering this same work, but we feel Bill Beal’s offer you a difference. Quality, promptness, and customer service.

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Contact Phone Number:  (281) 367-5448.

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Kitchen Tune-Up

*  Completely Transform Your Kitchen In 5 Days Or Less.

*  Cabinet Refacing.

*  Cabinet Re-Dooring.

*  Cabinet Repainting.

*  Custom Cabinets.

*  Countertops.

*  Free Consultations & Quotes.

*  Financing Available For As Little As $99/mo.

The Kitchen Tune-Up Advantage:


Forget about all the kitchen remodeling horror stories you’ve heard about projects that drag on for weeks—or even months. With Kitchen Tune-Up, you can have a stunning new kitchen in just 2 to 5 days! Their secret is a combination of meticulous planning, and 5 different super-fast methods of updating cabinets.


Most people put off kitchen remodeling for years because it’s so expensive—usually around $20,000 to $50,000… or more! With Kitchen Tune-Up, you can have the kitchen of your dreams from just $49 to $249 a month. That means you can afford to remodel right now!


Some kitchen remodelers paint cabinets. Others build custom cabinets. Others specialize in refacing. At Kitchen Tune-Up, they can do whatever is the best solution for your situation. They don’t push you into what what’s best for them—they only care about what is best for YOU.

One-stop Shop:

Yes, they specialize in 5 different ways to energize your kitchen with new or updated cabinets—but they can also handle just about every other aspect of your complete kitchen project. They can install new countertops, backsplash, flooring, fixtures, and more. The only thing we don’t do is sell appliances.


Kitchen Tune-Up has been around for over 25 years and has completed tens of thousands of kitchen projects. They have systems, training, and know-how to get your project done right, on time, and on budget. You could say that they have kitchen remodeling down to a science.

On Budget:

One of the problems with traditional remodeling is that the final price always seems to creep up after they start. Not with Kitchen Tune-Up. They give you a detailed quote when they start the job, and they stick to it no matter what. No surprises, no unexpected expenses. They put everything in writing so you never have to wonder.

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Contact Phone Number:  (832) 710-5053.

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Envirocare Home Solutions, LLC

*  Full Service General Contractor.

*  Roof & Gutter Replacement.

*  Flooring.

*  Custom Cabinets & Vanities.

*  HVAC.

*  Plumbing.

*  Electrical.

*  Landscaping.

*  Email: aaron@envirocaretexas.com

Looks like to us, Envirocare Home Solutions, LLC does it all!!

Envirocare is a full service general contractor specializing in home renovations & restoration from disasters such as floods, fires, and storms. They are experts in helping you navigate insurance rebuild claims, and will help you to become whole again.  So, if disasters happen, or you need help making your home renovation dreams a reality, they are the answer. Financing options available!

Their mission is to provide premium quality workmanship and unmatched convenience through a wide array of home services.

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Contact Phone Number: (832) 592-7652.

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2X4 Construction

*  Interior Services.

*  Exterior Services.

*  Kitchen Remodeling.

*  Countertops.

*  Flooring.

*  Painting.

*  Bathroom Remodeling.

*  Roofing.

*  Siding.

2X4 Construction is a locally owned general construction business with locations throughout Texas. They are proud to serve our community through our home improvement work. They offer a wide range of construction and remodeling services. Their team of professional builders and designers are friendly and professional.

From the very start, they listen to you and your needs. Their great commutation is the secret to the success in their results. 2X4 Construction provides on-schedule, affordable and over delivered work. Their services are a great fit for both residential and commercial needs alike. Let them help you move closer to having your dream home.

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Contact Phone Number:  (713) 396-3596.

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