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Top 10 Houston was built with one simple goal in mind.  Connect the consumer with a locally owned business that will abide by our code of ethics and provide you the service you have paid for.  Now, we understand that in the world of business and customer service, there will always be two sides when it comes to a disagreement.   The consumer and the business.  We do not act as intermediaries between both parties, but we do want our business directory to stay elite and carry the Top 10 moniker proudly, so if you ever have any problems with one of our members, please reach out to us and we'll see what we can do on our end to solve your problems.   Disclaimer *  You must be a client of one of our members through Top 10 Houston.  Meaning, you must of hired them through Top 10 Houston and we will verify through our service member that you as a consumer did use their services because of our recommendation through Top 10 Houston.  We will not accept random complaints against our members if you did not hire them without our recommendation.  We are not the BBB, nor do we want to be the BBB.  We do not extort our members.  We are not Yelp where we allow fake reviews.  We want every one of our members and their clients to have a good spirited relationship to where both parties can exist and both our service providers win and their clients win with the services or products they purchased.  This creates an overall winning environment and that is our end goal with Top10Houston.biz.  Top10Houston is not limited to Houston only.  Our service companies service all of the surrounding suburbs as well including Katy, Sugar Land, Humble, Kingwood, The Woodlands, Cypress, Pasadena, Deer Park, LaPorte, Texas City, Galveston, Alvin, Missouri City, Spring.  If it's within 100 miles of Houston proper, our members will offer their services to you.  Please view our welcome video by Matt Thomas at the bottom of this page.  As many of you may know, he is a locally grown and beloved local radio show host and sports broadcaster and play by play NBA announcer.  We take great pride in having him as a part of our team, so if you have any questions regarding our website, please fill out our lead form on the Contact Us tab up top. 

Our Member Badge


If you see this Top 10 Houston member badge, in every essence of our slogan remains true.  We are The Exclusive.  The Elite.  The Top 10.  Most of our service providers are locally owned companies and benefit the most out of your patronage.  We aren't anti big business, but we are a local company ourselves, so we prefer to offer locally owned, smaller businesses access to you.  After all, they and their families benefit the most from you and that is the kind of reputation we want to build.  A local reputation.  With our charity donations to the St. Judes, we want to make sure that when you spend your hard earned money on one of our service providers, that we'll match that as described on the charity tab above.  Yes, this is Houston.  There are thousands of companies to choose from.  We get it.  Especially, once you enter the rabbit hole that is Google and realize you have unlimited choices to choose from. But that doesn't mean they all play at the same level.  We've made our Top 10 list out of people and companies who we have personally met and have spoken to directly, so we understand their goals and passions when it comes to the services they provide. Especially to local Houstonian's.  Remember one thing.  Smaller, locally owned companies have more to lose, which is why you usually find a higher quality service rate out of those companies.  They can't afford to carry a bad reputation.  Do us a favor and please mention Top 10 Houston when you contact one of our members, so they know you were referred directly from us.  


1% Rewards Program

For every $1 you spend with any of our service providers, you will receive 1% back in our digital asset called the Active World Bit.  AWB on Etherscan.  Contract address:  0x40ee892f6f40634ca9230301020dd75437be4526.  You may use those digital tokens on the Active World Club platform via the GivBux mobile app.  Each token has a AWC value of $100 each.  Please visit our Charity tab at the top of the website.  For every 1% that we pay on our rewards program, we will match the total $ amount spent within the Top10Houston community at a 1% rate and donate that live on our Zoom call to St. Judes. 

Visit Active world Club By Clicking The Tab Below.  Our Active world Bit is backed by physical Gold, so Once you choose to cash out your loyalty rewards, please click the tab below.

visit active world club

Earn 1% Rewards Back

Please set up your digital wallet through MetaMask.  Please click the "Set Up Your Wallet" button below to get started. 

Contract Address:  0x40ee892f6f40634ca9230301020dd75437be4526

Once verification is completed on your purchases within the Top10Houston community, we will send you 1% for every $1 you have spent with our service providers.  To limit fraud, we will verify your purchase and you will also need to verify proof that you did indeed pay for the transaction.  (We will transfer your AWB's to your wallet 9 months after verification to protect us from charge backs against our service providers). 



Our team consists of our service providers.  Please visit us on Face Book.  Like and Share our page and help support our service providers.  Every now and then we'll post giveaways and sponsorships, so just follow us on Face Book and be a part of our community.